Tiny Toones Documentary

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I’m extremely grateful and thrilled to be part of this wonderful project. The amazing Arestia Rosenberg is making this lovely short film happen. Documenting a Cambodian hip-hop school that helps disadvantaged youth stay on the straight line. It has a moving personal story at the centre of it and I really can’t think of a better project to direct our efforts towards, as one that shows how the arts, music, dance, can improve individual’s, and communitie’s lives. Check out the short video of Arestia giving the low-down, and please help out if you can. All donations help.

I am especially moved by this project for many personal reasons, not least being the fact that I regard music and arts, to be an extremely undervalued component in the development of an individual’s life, as well as on a more macro level in its effect on society at large. I am someone who benefited greatly from the introduction of music in my life, while I was most certainly not underprivileged, I did find direction, humanity, peace and enjoyment when I began to immerse myself in the arts. These personal traits, obviously, quite often lead to successes in many other aspects of life. If we are all musicians, dancers and painters, I have no doubt the world would be a better place. Finally, this documentary feels like a return to my origins, because, my first real musical love (aside from Michel Jackson of course), was Hip-Hop (we just called it rap back then). And for many years, I tried to stay on the vanguard of this new musical development. As I began a more theoretical a serious study of music, as opposed to just professional listening,  I eventually began exploring other styles of music, and Hip-Hop and I parted ways. Not with any resentment, just that I had found that there was so much musical world to see, and life is only so long. So it is with a bit of nostalgic joy and happy poetic coincidence , that I return to work on the music of a documentary that is about helping kids enrich their lives through Hip-Hop, essentially what it did for me many years ago.

If you can help out with any financial support, that would amazing. I am volunteering my time, as is much of the western crew, and the money raised will be going towards paying the Cambodian team their fair wages (Cambodia has a blossoming  film scene), rental of equipment, festival applications, and, of course, a donation to the school to help with the excellent work they’re doing. Please take a look, and if you can, support,  if you don’t have any extra cash to spare, please help spread the word via your social media streams. Thanks so much.


watch the introduction HERE

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