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Manuscript paper?


Recently I’m fond of drawing pictures to begin future writing. My musical experience, both listening and playing, from a young age has always been immensely visual, I so often see stories, scenes, landscapes, car crashes, people drinking a can of coca-cola classic. From the banal, to the gloriously sublime and shatteringly violent. Somehow, the flood of information rushing through the pipes of my auditory cortex, seems to overflow, breaking the dam, gushing musical electricity into the visual cortex. It is almost without fail that I imagine, or have some projectionist in the mind, producing extremely vidid visual interpretations from audio stimuli. Of course, there is amazing research into memory and music, however, much of the time, my visual soundscapes are of times not yet had. If wire-crossing brain stuff fascinates you, but you haven’t really checked it out, there’s been a wonderful surge of research and books in the past decade detailing the fascinating ways music effects us physiologically. The late-great Oliver Sacks’ Muiscophelia and This Is Your Brain On Music by Daniel Levitin, being the big name blockbusters that are an easily accessible plunge into the cavernous depths of the relationship between mind and music

I think, and secretly hope, I am heading towards the time when I begin all my compositions with sketches.

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