Andi State

By January 28, 2020Words

Some of you may have noticed a few changes on my website. It’s been some time since I did any content addition. Life, the bigboss, has taken over my time for the last year. However, I was able to give a fresh coat of paint, by way of some gorgeous photographs by the beautifully talented Andi State.

I love her work. I knew it the first time I saw it, thinking “oh, that’show you take photographs.” When I dream of being a rockstar lens-master, I usually imagine myself filming films like Christopher Doyle, and taking pictures like Andi.

In fact, prior, we hadn’t known each other officially. We had many mutual close friends, and I kept seeing her different projects and artistic sensibilities pop up here and there. I approached her, and she’s been wonderfully kind in letting me use some for the website. Since then we’ve shared wine and laughs. Love watching her make art.

Go check her work out here:

and follow her on instagram @ andistate

Thanks Andi!

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