As mentioned in a previous post, I bought Native Instruments’ Maschine hardware/software combo. I’m having a blast. Although I think I’m trying to squeeze out of it different things than it’s primary directive, I do love every knob, dial and pad.

I was searching for some sound-wise, left-field add-ons to it (which there are a plethora), and I came across the company Sound DustI bought some wonderful samples from them, and struck up a conversation with a fella whom I presume is the owner and main workhorse behind the products. His name is Pendle Poucher and is a great music man himself. Check him out. Great chats ensued, and he asked if I would l beta-test one of his soon to be released virtual instruments. Of course!! I was thrilled.

I have, for a while (and I am not alone in this by any means) found a wonderful correlation in the perception and experience of pre-tonal era music, and that of psychedelic and ambient music. A little while ago I began trying to strip down the canons and complexities that can arise in some pre-tonal era vocal music. Not by any sophisticated means mind you, simply by way of augmentation of time, so that as notes would hold longer, the mechanisms of the talented Renaissance composers influencing me would become, less evident. Essentially, I wanted to write a meandering piece. To hell with narrative and purpose. How great it is to meander sometimes with no intent. I intended this to be for a collection of string instruments, but as the gracious offer from Sound Dust presented itself, I took on the task of using only this virtual instrument.

Set Juleus. And check out Sound Dust. The guy works super hard, has a great ear and taste, and produces super cool stuff. Go support!

Not for the ADD set, but maybe created by one.

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